Japanese Lessons・日本語(にほんご)レッスン(れっすん)


About Uchiga’s Japanese Lessons


About Uchiga

I am a native Japanese speaker, qualified Japanese teacher and art teacher for junior high school and high school and also a freelance textile designer. I have a national qualification as a career counselor and am qualified as a financial planner.

Uchiga as a Teacher

In my Japanese lessons, I like working one-to-one with my clients because we can focus on what you really want to study in each lesson. My lessons are always adapted to the clients’ needs. I do my best to meet your requests, so please let me know your needs.

Through my career and qualifications, I can use English to teach Japanese if needed. I am able to provide Japanese municipal information and suggest your career or study plan in Japan for your best future.

I have been teaching Japanese to an ALT, specified skilled workers, school children and students who cannot go to school.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

In my lessons, we can focus on the language that you need the most speaking practice on, if you want. My lessons are also flexible. I like to take a communicative style of teaching. During our conversation, I can correct your grammar and pronunciation.

In My Japanese Lessons

  • You can have lots of speaking practice to make your Japanese speaking more natural, fluent and increase your confidence.
  • You can practice business conversation in a formal manner (including for job interviews). I’m able to give you consultation for careers in Japan.
  • For children who are interested in learning Japanese, I can teach Japanese.
  • If you are a freelance worker, I can help with writing etc. for your business.

Free Trial Lesson(online)

Why not try my free 30 minute trial lesson?


Let’s talk about how you want to learn Japanese and your goals.
DO NOT worry about making grammatical mistakes.
Please relax and enjoy our conversation in Japanese.

Lesson Location:online (Zoom or Skype)

    Free Topic Conversation Lesson

    Do you struggle talking Japanese? Do you want to enjoy and improve your Japanese conversation with me and talk about the things you want to?

    日本語(にほんご)で話(はな)すのに苦労(くろう)していませんか。 あなたの話(はな)したいことについて、日本語(にほんご)の会話(かいわ)を楽(たの)しんで改善(かいぜん)したいですか。
    This is a chance for you to improve your situation now.

    Current situation

    • When you talk in Japanese, you often feel nervous or scared to talk with Japanese people.
    • You want to get close to Japanese people and make friends, but you cannot talk freely and naturally in Japanese.
    • You feel isolated or stressed at school, college or work in Japan. You don’t know how you can develop a good relationship with Japanese people.
    • You sometimes find it difficult to understand how Japanese people think.

    After taking my lesson

    • You will feel less nervous and more confident to talk in Japanese in front of Japanese people.
    • You can start enjoying talking in Japanese with Japanese people.
    • You can start getting to know how Japanese people think, so you don’t need to worry about the things you shouldn’t do.

    During my lesson

    • DO NOT worry about making grammatical mistakes.
    • DO NOT worry how I (a Japanese person) think about your Japanese level.
    • During our conversation, I can correct your grammar and pronunciation. I will give you a feedback after the lesson.
    • I can give you some tips about the Japanese way of thinking.

    Please let me know your Japanese level and topic you would to talk about before lesson.
    If necessary, you can get homework, too.

    I have a number of Japanese lessons such as business Japanese lessons that are popular and have good reviews.
    Please feel free to contact me.


    Lesson 45 minutes 60 minutes
    JPY ¥ 4,000 ¥ 5,000

    Days: Monday to Sunday
    Time (In Japan Time): 8:00~22:00
    Lesson Location:online (Zoom or Skype)
    Valid :12 weeks from date of your purchase

    *The payment should be paid directly to my Japanese bank account, via Wise (https://wise.com/) from overseas.
    You can also pay via PayPal (http://paypal.com/) however you will asked for a extra conversion fee 3.5%)



    Clients’ Voice お客様の声

    Great lesson ! It’s very fun to learn with Uchiga Sensei. Not only did she covered the grammar questions that I had requested but she also helped me on some Japanese usage that she noticed that I had trouble with. Amazing ! I’m already booking my next lesson.

    From Canada


    From Taiwan

    Uchiga san helped me figure out what I should put stress during the interview. She really have lots of knowledge when it comes to job-hunting. Highly recommend her to be your job-hunting mentor in Japan!

    From Taiwan

    A very supportive teacher who is able to help me express certain ideas that are well beyond my current Japanese ability… I have learned a lot from her… about Japanese and life…

    From America

    Excellent Lesson with Uchiga. I’ve been taking several lessons now with Uchiga Sensei and I feel that I am getting closer and closer to speaking natural Japanese.

    From Canada


    If you have any questions about my lessons, please feel free to contact me.